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by WootThu Apr 16 2020 23:31:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Hi, and welcome to Astra42.

Astra42 is an online gaming community and much more. It offers game news, deals, information, recommendations… And new features are coming in fast! The project is a one man effort to try and solve the many problems I've encountered in my journey as a gamer.


One of those problems was to find fresh new games to play.

As it stands, Major publishers all have their own platforms: Steam, Epic Store, Uplay, GOG… You name it.

They've undoubtedly done a lot for the gaming community over the years, but the popping up of new ones has contributed to the fragmentation of the gaming space as we know it.

Probably the most direct consequence of that is the 'burden of too much information'. Players are left wandering around trying to find the perfect match by combing these many catalogs, incidentally missing real gems along the way. Not to mention prices vary across the sources. On top of that, it's getting harder to keep track of the games you love. Wouldn't it be cool to have the patch notes of the games you follow all in one place?

This fragmentation also comes at a cost to smaller game producers that don’t necessarily possess the same resources and PR capabilities as AAA titles do. More often than not, indie developers have to bite the bullet and adopt those platforms to even get a chance to draw some attention, at the expense of considerable margin costs.

Astra42 humbly tries to alleviate those struggles by combining all that information in a dedicated and centralized fashion:

  • The front page offers syndicated news coming from trusted and relevant sources.
  • Game pages give you a detailed overview for each game along with reviews and best deals.
  • Forums, which I hope will give rise to interesting discussions across various topics. You can create your own 'tags' to label your posts, much like a hashtag. That way you can attract people with similar interests and keep them engaged.


Astra42 is self-funded. That means there is no big corporation behind it trying to impose questionable guidelines. Instead it solely relies on fellow gamers willing to weigh in on its development process with cool ideas. I’ll implement new features along the way based on your input.

Community-curated content

Our independence is a real strength that guarantees our content remains fair and unbiased. The community is directly responsible for the kind of content it wants to see. Astra42’s trending algorithm rewards quality over controversy, so clickbait is not a thing here. After all, the community is the first beneficiary so it’s only natural for it to be fully involved in the decision-making process.

Our content policy is simple:

  • one person's freedom ends where another's begins
  • be constructive

For the rest the community decides where to draw the line.

How to help

There are many ways you can help the initiative:

  • as a user, you are more than welcome to use our forums to express your opinions. You can also edit game pages with new information and updated prices, or use the ‘report a bug’ feature at the bottom of every page. Most importantly, you can flag messages that need attention on the forums: every member is a moderator!
  • as a developer or content creator, you are invited to adopt our forums as a direct communication channel with your audience. You'll get a verified account with special rights to moderate your community. It’s entirely free and it works as an improved blog for your updates and allows users with similar interests to discover your content. Promotional content is welcome, as long as it presents an interest to the community.

Near future

The project is still in its early stage. You might encounter some bugs here and there. I will try and mitigate those ASAP.

After months of development, hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. In a way I'd like Astra42 to be the greener pastures of video gaming, granted the community allows for it. With your help we can make it happen. So tag along and let's do it!

Game on!

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